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Contralto is a web app estimating the gender diversity of a Spotify playlist. It gathers data from Chartmetric's gender/pronouns database (collected March 2022), and if the artist isn't listed there, checks out their Last.fm bios. Contralto's results are based on pronouns. For each playlist, Contralto provides stats and recommendations of female and nonbinary artists in the playlist's top genres.

I hope to keep Contralto's data as accurate and up-to-date as possible... but so far, this project is just starting out and there are still a lot of inaccuracies! (Example: the database marks some bands as using "they/them" pronouns in plural, rather than to indicate gender identity; my Last.fm bio scrapipng method sometimes miscategorizes women as men, etc.) You can report incorrect listings here.

Stats for nerds

Spotify listening patterns by gender (Source: EveryNoise)

Gender listening patterns by genre (source: EveryNoise)

Artist Gender Representation in Music Streaming (Source: Spotify R&D)

Representation of music creators on Wikipedia (Source: Spotify R&D)

The Gender Play Gap (Source: Chartmetric)

Counting the Music Industry: The Gender Gap (Source: Vick Bain)

Music Industry Pronoun & Gender Tracker (Source: Chartmetric)


Keep in mind that Contralto is only an estimator based on a single metric. Contralto was created to highlight gender disparities in music, but the gender diversity of your playlist does not determine its diversity in other categories.

Contralto categorizes artists based on their present gender identity, so at the moment a transgender man and a cisgender man would be sorted into the same category despite the differences in their experiences.